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In today’s world of financing for a college education, the awesome and frightening reality for many students and parents are the lack of solid tuition financing alternatives. The main method of paying for an education., outside full athletic scholarships or parents who can afford to pay without discomfort, are student loans through finance companies bent on creating an interest rate windfall–to your detriment.

In step with the high interest rates and never ending loan pay off dates is the fact that college tuitions are simply a rip off. There is very little competition or what analysts call downward pressure on college tuition pricing.

In a good example of this problem, Paul Streitz’s article “The Great American College Tuition Rip Off” outlines how parents and students push for higher education at the best colleges. This demand is manipulated by those colleges that receive the highest rankings from the US News and World Reports. US News and World Reports rankings have long been a respected measuring stick to parents and students helping them identify the best institutions.

Streitz posits that without tuition price competition from equally rated universities, and with demand escalating, universities will continue to raise tuitions.

These cost increases are not caused by spiraling administration costs, professor salaries, or any cost of doing business factors. Instead the true explanation is simple: universities can and do raise tuition fee because students and parents are willing to pay the costs without question.

How do students receive academic scholarships when their parents economic standing disqualifies them from aid? And how do parents whose main assets are in property and whose income is just enough to keep their household afloat help pay for their student’s educations? Is it possible to “requalify” these families in such a way as to make them eligible for financial aid after all? The answer to the last question is a resounding YES!

Right now is the right time to look for alternatives to the traditional loan rip offs. Now is the time to investigate and engage with a new method to pay for college. Now is the time to contact College Planning Specialists.

College Planning Specialists provides a number of valuable services which in whole bring a new alternative to the traditional problem of qualifying for financial aid. The professionals at CPS Dan Evertsz and Gerna Benz provide expert analysis and an action plan that helps non qualifying (financial aid) families qualify under aid guidelines.

CPS’s Service Checklist is comprised of 24 action steps when implemented have a positive effect on qualifying a family for the millions of dollars, that go unused each year, of financial aid available. The first step is to outline a complete financial overview and analysis of a family’s assets as they relate to college as well as their budget. Analysis of the family budget, taxes, retirement and other areas of financial management gives a clear picture as to the best steps to take.

During this analysis, CPS will calculate the family’s Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). This form is a way to calculate how much a family must pay outside of the financial aid package that they qualify to receive. It is CPS job to help families understand this process, do the calculations for the family, and most valuable-provide a plan/and or recommendations to reduce the Estimated Family Contribution.

Why worry about the EFC when most families do not qualify for financial aid due to their economic standing? In many many cases Dan and Gerna have been able to find avenues for families to qualify for financial aid. Almost all of these families never thought they would qualify, never knew where to go to investigate these alternatives, and have nothing to lose by going through the College Planning Specialists consultations.

For more information please contact this blog or stay tuned for the Part 2 in my series: Stop Servitude to Banks. . .

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UCLA’s CIRP Freshman Survey: Academic Quality And Affordability Top Priorities In Choosing College

According to the Freshman Survey Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) administered by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, Academic quality and college affordability are the top priorities in choosing a college.

According to John Pryor co-author and director of CIRP:

“College accountability and affordability have been key issues in the debate over higher education this year, and it seems as if those discussions have impacted how students are making choices about college”

1. Academic Quality:

63% of students sited academic quality as the top priority when investigating universities. According to the Freshman Survey, this represents a “5.6% point jump from 2006–the highest the figure has been in 35 years.

2. College Affordability:

College affordability is a huge concern and priority with the importance of being awarded financial assistance increasing 5.1 percentage points from 2006 to 39.4 percent in 2007. Like the quality factor, this is the highest this figure has been in 35 years.

Consequently the challenges to a college education for students are more urgent than ever and require well planned research and creativity.

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UCLA Cooperative Institutional Research Program: “Freshman Show a Dependency On Parents When Making College-Related Decisions”

According to the UCLA newsroom portal: the CIRP Freshman Survey, part of the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) and administered by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, report “suggests freshmen show a dependency on parents when making college-related decisions.”

* 84 percent of freshman charcterized their parents participation as the “right amount” in their decision to go to college

* 80.5 percent characterized their parents participation as the “right amount” in their decision to attend the instituion at which they enrolled

* 77.5 percent of incoming freshman felt their parents participated “the right amount” in dealing with college officials

The importance of parental involvement in whether to attend college, which college to choose, and how to deal with college officials can not be underestimated in the overall success of a young student. Kids need parental guidance and involvement to ensure their successful transition in this most critical time in their young lives.

Simply put: Be there for your students when they need you the most!

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