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College Planning Checklist #1: 5 Steps To Organizing Your College and Financial Search

Bay College Planners provides the most unique and powerful method of paying for a college education available to families and students today. By repositioning your family assets, BCP helps families to qualify for the millions of dollars of financial aid that goes unclaimed every year.

A major part of this service is to set up a process, action plan, and procedures in order to help students identify the best university for them.

The following are the first 5 Action Plan steps provided by Bay College Planners:

1. Personalized Student Interview: This interview is private and outlines the students choices of major and careers, college selections, and admissions and career tips. This service often goes beyond what a student’s Guidance Counselor should be providing.

2. “Best Fit” College Search: again utilizing the information of general interests provided by each student, BCP will provide a list of colleges that fit the student’s criteria.

3. Career Search: Bay College Planners perform a career search including education requirements for a particular career, description of the career path, and starting salary estimates. Career search information is based on the students interests; access to research information is provided online through the Discover program housing this information.

4. College Admissions Application Boot Camp: this allows students access to discussions of admissions requirements, admissions essay writing, selecting the “right” college, how to fill out the different types of admissions applications correctly the first time, and a action plan on “what students should be doing now” to get ready for college.

5. College Planning Checklist: this is a easy to follow organizer containing essential deadlines, up-coming events, and timelines describing what Bay College Planners will be doing for you the parent and the student and when each step will take place.

For a free consultation please contact Dan Evertsz at Bay College Planners 510. 686.7979 or


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