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Fear of Money: Is “The Paycheck” Forcing You To Choose The Wrong Major and Ultimately The Wrong Career?

Students and Parents pay attention to this story. . . Susan Hanshaw is an author, keynote speaker, and certificated minister. But Susan first began her work life in corporate America. She spent 20 years building a very successful career in the Direct Marketing industry culminating in a position as second in command of her firm with the title of Vice President.

Included in this rise to corporate stardom, was a high 6 figure salary, a stress level in line with the pressure an air traffic controller experiences, and the type of corporate “burn out” that plagues at least 50% of American workers according to Forbes: unhappy lives due to their jobs or the lack of purpose the job is missing.

As high school, junior college, college and university students–NOW–is the time to make the right decisions. Before basing the happiness of your life on your personal bank account, perks, or the prestige you believe will make you happy–take a closer look.
Examine your passions, your love of “what” you love, and investigate how you can turn a passion or love for something into a career that will energize your life.
Research your passion and create an intended action plan that will help you identify the correct major, identify the best career for your happiness, and that will ultimately help you attain this goal.

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University of San Francisco Don’s Ranked #1 (29-0) Lose to Notre Dame Fighting Irish

As a St. Patty’s Day reminder, the luck of the Irish can happen anywhere anytime. The year 1977, the USF Don’s mens basketball team. The Dons were ranked #1 in the country and riding high with future NBA star center Bill Cartwright and first round draft picks Winford Boynes and James “Trouble” Hardy.

The Dons were 29-0 with Bob Gaillard at the helm. But as luck would have it, Irish luck that is, the Dons walked into a hornets nest of an atmosphere. A mysterious hotel glitch with no heat in rooms, horrible food, and a bus ride that was interrupted by a breakdown adds to the “Red” Auerbach like “accidents” that helped contribute to the Don’s downfall.

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Students and Parents: Learn the First 3 Choices of Change To Improve Your Situation

“You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die or when. You only get to chose how you’re going to live” Joan Baez

Maintaining a positive attitude can only take place if students, parents are you listening too, are aware of the choices that life has to offer. Feeling stuck, feeling trapped, or feeling that you are unable to make progress derive from past experiences. By relying upon past experiences to make your choices, you are often applying information that does not work in the present situation.

If you take your time and examine the simple choices presented here you will take the first step necessary to changing for the better:

You Always Have Choices

According to Susan Hanshaw, author of the new book “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed to Live”, one of the most difficult ideas for people to understand and comprehend in order to take action is the idea of choice. For choice is the precursor to change, and as we can attest, sometimes change can be difficult even painful. If you are feeling stuck, if you are feeling lost, or if you are feeling your career has lost meaning, it is time too focus on the answer:

The First 3 Choices of Change:

1. Option #1: Keep everything Status Quo. Take no action and feel no differently

2. Option #2: Make an adjustment somewhere in an effort to influence positive change

3. Option #3: Let go of your job and find something that fits you better

Susan Hanshaw’s video, #2 in the series “Becoming an inner architect”, supports the idea of choice and the options of choice you now face. These concepts and steps were derived from Chapter 1 “Cultivating Your Mind To Consider Change.”


For details on Susan Hanshaw’s book “Inner Architect: How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live”, instructions on how to receive a free copy of Chapter 1 “Cultivation Your Mind To Consider Change”, and details about “The Apprentice Contest” reference “Inner Architect’s “How To Build The Life You Were Designed To Live”: New Video Series, Contest, Book.

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