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My wife and I came to Gerna after a free presentation that he provided in our area about college financial assistance. I was very proud of our daughter when she was accepted to UC Santa Cruz. The first year we paid all cost out of our pocket, and at that time I had started a software company and was not receiving a salary. I started working with Gerna early in the year to see if we could qualify for any aid for the upcoming year since we no longer had the money to cover costs. Gerna worked quickly with us to get all required information we needed,explaining our story to the financial aid office, and following up many times with them after we submitted all the paperwork. I never once had to call the college myself. Many months went by without any response from the college, until late in July when we received a letter stating we did not qualify due to a large amount of money drawn from our retirement account. Gerna was very quick to contact the financial aid office and explained to them, with research in hand, that this was an error on their part. Within a couple days their decision was reversed, and our daughter received 100% financial aid for the coming year. 

My wife and I have been extremely pleased with Gerna’s dedication to the service he provides. He is very prompt on answering emails and returning phone calls. I’m not sure how Bay Area College Planners compares to their competitors, as we never shopped around. From the first time I met with Gerna I know we would be well taken care of.

In addition, I find the weekly, sometimes more often, College E-Letter and tips provided by Bay Area College Planners to my email very informative and helpful. If you’re seeking financial aid for you or your child, I would encourage you to at least spend a consultation meeting with Gerna or Dan. I’m sure you will be pleased!

Thank you Gerna!
-Mark & Diana K., Vacaville, CA

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Get MIT Courseware and Other Courses for College Online

By Vikram Kuamr

If you need MIT courseware to complement your courses for college, you can do so by the-college-pros7going to share course ware sites. You can get multiple courses for college from these sites that offer open courseware. Some sites offer courses for college from many great universities, including MIT courseware. These are great resources that will give you all the help you need to better understand your courses for college.

Anyone who is in college knows that it can be very difficult to attend all the classes all of the time. At times you can be sick and cannot attend classes, or you stayed late and could not make it to class. If this is the case, you can be behind your courses for college. You will need to get extra lecture notes and even video lecture to bridge what you miss. If you are going to prestigious schools like MIT, there may be even more pressure to succeed. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier for you and you can get highly quality open courseware online, including MIT courseware. You can go to share course ware sites where  people share courses for college including MIT courseware. 

No matter what courses for college you are taking, you need to have good quality class materials. You may have books at your disposal, but you still have to attend classes so that you can get materials that are provided in class. If you miss lecture a few times, it can mean a lower grade point in that particular class. This is especially true in very competitive schools. You will need free lecture notes or course notes from open courseware such as MIT courseware. 

When you go to a share ware site, you can get MIT courseware that you need to make up missed lecture notes. You can look for free lecture notes good for your courses for college online. You can find good quality video lecture as well as lecture notes. Share course ware is one such resource. This and other sites will also allow you to upload your own course notes and video lecture so others can benefit from them. These open courseware sites are very similar to music sharing sites and can help you get the information you need for many of your courses for college. 

It is good to use courses for college that you find at these sites, but it is also important that you share ware with others and contribute your course notes as well. Do not just use the site for your own advantage; contribute your own courses for college. If you are an MIT student, for example, you can upload one of the MIT courseware. This can help students from other schools who may badly need these open courseware for their courses for college. 

Taking college courses can be tough, but it getting a lot easier for those who are using share ware sites. You do not have to fret if you miss a class or two these days, or you don’t have high quality course notes. You can get very similar free lecture notes for courses for college at these sites. You can find a lot of courseware from many great schools online, including MIT courseware. 

About the author:

If you need  MIT courseware  or you need to get free courses for college , you can go to a share ware site. One site that allows you to share course ware is Share Course Ware.

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