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Check Out Study Abroad Programs In England and Ireland

By Anne Harvester

What would it be like to study Shakespeare in the college classroom, and then after class the-college-pros3be able to go see for yourself the exact location where the Old Globe Theatre has been recently unearthed by an archeology team? Or to study poetry in class, only to go visit the Lake District on the weekends, and see for yourself the places where these great poets lived and wrote about? 

What about a class in Irish drama, followed by a trip to the Aran Islands to see the area being written about? All of this is possible when you sign up to participate in study abroad programs in England and Ireland. Study abroad in England and Ireland to experience these amazing cultures first hand, and see literary and dramatic locations found no where else in the world. All of this is also a wonderful benefit for your resume when you return home, graduate from college and start your job search. Cultural immersion is the best way to learn and experience a different country, and in a study abroad in England or Ireland program you can do this in a structured setting.

England or Ireland study abroad programs are available through several different universities and other institutions of higher learning. If your schedule only allows for a short visit, summer programs offer the perfect solution for study abroad in England or Ireland. You could study during the week, and then participate in exciting off-campus weekend activities that will take you out of the classroom and allows you to visit historic sites in England, Ireland and other countries. You can take classes in British art and architecture, the British model of healthcare, theatre, as well as courses covering the museums and galleries. 

You can expect certain features when you sign up for study abroad programs in England or Ireland. You will want to ascertain that housing is provided in your fees. You will usually be offered transportation to and from the airport when you arrive and depart. Library and computer access are provided. There is also usually some type of orientation program at the beginning of your stay, so you can learn how to navigate through it. Often, discounts on Eurorail passes are offered through the educational institution as well, so you can travel more inexpensively during your free time.

England and Ireland study abroad programs offer you the chance of a lifetime to experience firsthand two of the most amazing, culturally rich countries in the world.

About the author:

Anne is director, student services and study abroad programs in England, for EuroLearn. Their Ireland study abroad program and study abroad in England program led to her experience growing in these studies.

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One Response

  1. Carl Madison says:

    I was in the new Globe Theatre on a study abroad experience while I was in college. It was truly amazing.

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