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Mark Your Calendar for the Annual PAPSA Conference

By Kristina Keffer

PAPSA is a well known name in the Pennsylvania Education world. The Pennsylvania Association of Private School Administrators is the one that represents 300+ career private the-college-pros13colleges in Pennsylvania. PAPSA provides a paid membership for administrators and students schools and colleges of Pennsylvania. With a membership, the school is provided with state level lobbying representation, financial assistance, faculty development workshops and various other programs for developing the teaching skills. Providing assistance to all the for-profit career colleges of Pennsylvania, PAPSA has been arranging various conferences and seminars to improve the quality of education provided by the Pennsylvania schools. This year, PAPSA has announced the dates for the annual conference. This conference will be held from July 22 to 23, 2009. The venue of the conference is Sheraton Cranberry, just north of Pittsburgh.

The Topics Covered

This conference mainly focuses on classroom management. The classroom management program will introduce the collaborative learning techniques. The time management and organization of activities of students will also be discussed. Building a High Achieving Admissions Team, How Student’s Decide to Attend Your School, Optimizing Your Website’s Search Engine, Student Retention Best Practices, Supporting Students with Emotional
Problems, Washington Update: ASB/T and Licensing Board Update, and the New GI Bill are the other topics of focus in the conference.

The Importance of attending the Conference

The main motive of this PAPSA annual conference is to improve the quality of education provided in the career colleges of Pennsylvania. Optimizing websites of the career colleges is one of the main topics of interest in this conference. From designing the website according so that it appeals to the target demographic to making sure the college website appears in the top of search engine results- everything will be discussed in the conference. The PASA annual conference also deals with handling the emotional problems of the students. Attending this conference will help the faculty understand and respond to the
student’s problems more effectively than ever before.

The PAPSA Awards and Nominations

Career Colleges of Pennsylvania can now start nominations for the PAPSA awards in 2009. The main motive of the PAPSA awards is to promote the social responsibility of the schools and colleges. The schools will be selected for the award based on the student involvement in the social activities and impact on the community. The winners of the PAPSA awards will get $1,500 donated by McGraw-Hill Higher Education. The awards will be available for many schools and colleges. The nominations forms can be found at the official website of PAPSA. Nominations are invited from now on.

This conference will be a great boon for all the career colleges of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. On completion of the conference, job training will be very much effective than ever before.

About the author:
The author of this article knows all about career colleges and schools. Hence he knows the importance of PAPSA membership for any school or college. He also explains the benefits of career schools and colleges with a PAPSA membership. When it comes to Jobtraining in Pennsylvania, he recommends people to joincareer colleges and schools with PAPSA membership.

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