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Are standardized Tests Monopolizing Real Learning and Education?

By David Greenberg

Is too much stress being put on students these days to perform well on the SAT and ACT? Are standardized tests monopolizing real learning and education?

Theoretically the answer is no; realistically, the answer is yes.

How are college admissions officials supposed to evaluate schools’ report cards? It would be impossible to accurately rate the difficulty of each schools curriculum and assess students’ grades accordingly. Colleges are forced to use a system that
measures students abilities on a single plane.

Standardized tests allow colleges to see how students fare relative to one another. Advanced Placement (AP) Tests and SAT II Subject Tests give students the opportunity to shine in their particular fields.

As the application process becomes increasingly competitive, admissions counselors are going to place more emphasis on candidates’ profiles and less emphasis on their test scores.

“Admissions counselors want to see a well-rounded, yet specialized individual,” explains Ari Smith, regional director of Parliament Tutors. “Great SAT scores are essential; however, science students should be sure to take and excel in the
standardized science exams. Math students should do the same with math, and so on and so on…”

Parliament Tutors is one of the nation’s fastest growing tutoring companies covering all subjects and levels from Kindergarten through the MCAT. They take pride in their state-of-the-art technology to better diagnose student strengths
and weaknesses in regard to the SAT.

More and more students are looking to third parties to get help preparing for the SAT and other standardized exams. Take advantage of all the resources around you and make sure to Practice, Practice, Practice.

About the author:
David is an NYU Graduate and a tutor for Parliament Tutors in New York City.

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2 Responses

  1. ivy4natss says:

    Hey! Congratulations on your blog, you have no idea how helpful it has been too me as a senior, specially, this article is great and very true (I tell you as a student)

    I posted your blog’s link on my very own blog – just to let you know 😉

    Thanks again,

    Ivy Nat.

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