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College Financial Aid – Why Dads Should Earn A College Degree

By Thomas Simon

the-college-prosThere is a lot of talk about women earning a college degree, especially single moms. But what about dads? In today’s economy, many men are losing their jobs. Our country is in a recession. We need to consider where we are going with our careers and lives. Here are a few tips on how to improve your economic situation and get a free college degree at the same time.

Getting an education leads to better economic and employment. That is just a statistical fact. It is an investment in your future. However, before you decide to get on your high horse and run back to college, there are a few things you need to consider.

1 – Your job is your livelihood. Do not quit it.

2 – Find a way to go back to school in your spare time.

Though this is rare, if you are a single dad and have to take care of a small family at home, you should do school in the evening, or online via a telecom class, nightschool, or over the Internet.

Back to financing…

If you currently make a lot of money at your job, you will probably not get financial aid. You may get a grant, but it will be specialized and not from the feds. Pell grants are offered to those that do not have a house or mortgage payment, so you will have to search in other areas to find this college money.

Your best bet is to:

1 – Apply for the many grants available to the general public. This could be groups in your local area, but you are better off to go nationally, look for ones that fit your particular major, and submit the paperwork.

2 – Student loans are not a good choice, but some programs like the TEACH program allow you to work off your grant if you are going to be a teacher. Otherwise, Stafford loans, that are refinanced later at lower rates once you complete school, are going to be your best bet. Obama’s stimulus package is geared more toward those with a need, so you may have to bite the proverbial bullet and get a few loans.

Best tip:

Don’t give up! You can get a good degree and improve yourself even if your time and funding possibilities are limited. Many great people began this way and only through perseverance did they succeed. And so will you.

About the author:
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