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Understanding College Rolling Admissions Policies

By John McDonald

Traditionally, most colleges have had specific deadline dates for admissions applications. Recently though, many schools have begun to accept applications on an open or rolling basis, and this can be confusing for students who are used to more concrete requirements.

the-college-prosBasically, a college utilizing rolling admissions will continue to accept applications for enrollment until space fills up in the class. The advantage is that they can continue to accept students later in to the year, but this doesn’t mean that you should still wait until the last minute to get your paperwork turned in.

While students can get accepted right up until registration for classes begins, there are still usually advantages to applying earlier. Many colleges provide institutional aid in the form of scholarships and grants, and these financial aid opportunities usually have a deadline date that comes long before the final day applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Federal financial aid is also distributed by the college or university, and those funds are typically exhausted in early spring.

If you know which college you would like to attend, it is a good idea to apply as early as possible – regardless of the stated deadlines or the possibility that your admission form will be considered later in the year. Of course, if your plans change at the last minute or you weren’t able to get accepted to a first choice school, you can still take advantage of rolling
admissions to get enrolled in another degree program.

About the author:
John is a writer and web publisher helping students find the right degree and money to pay for college. Education is more important than ever when it comes to employment and income, so consider a new degree today!

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