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college-planner-workshopDan Evertsz and Gerna Benz operate San Francisco Bay Area College Planning Specialists and our definitive mission statement is to Provide valuable financial strategies that enable families to reposition themselves to qualify for the myriad of financial programs provided for students in the United States.

Dan Evertsz is the owner of College Planning Specialist located in Oakland, CA. Together, for the past 17 years, we have helped of hundredes of families obtain financial aid from universities all across the country.

College Planning Specialist educates and navigates working families through the College Financial Aid system. Per guidelines set forth by the Department of Education, there are many strategies that can be used to help families lower their “expected family contribution”, which  is part of the federal guidelines formula that will ultimately determine the amount of money the family of a student will be required to pay on a yearly basis. college-pros

Bay Area College Planning Specialist Advisors  are deicated to assisting all families in obtaining a piece of the over $100 billion dollars available for college. The students and families that receive the most financial aid are not always the families that may deserve it the most.

Mr. Evertsz also wants to announce the long awaited partnership with the nationally recognized “Applywise” product line of on-line college admission tools now available to California and San Francisco Bay Area students.

Co-Owner Gerna Benz of College Planning Specialists has equally helped hundreds of families maximize their eligibility for financial aid.  Gerna has lectured all over the country from colleges, community centers, and churches spreading the word that no child shall be left behind due to financial or academic limitation.

Gerna has acheived the designation of CCPS – Certified College Planning Specialist through The National Institute of Certified College Planners.

Dan and Gerna have over 20 years of financial services experience working with families while helping them get their students into colleges affordably while  realizing their future financial goals and dreams through strategic college planning and years and years of just plain good advice.

We can be contacted at 510-686-7979 or at

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