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Plan Ahead to Help Your High School Students Benefit from CLEP

CLEP Exams Help Students and Parents Save Thousands of Dollars in College Tuition…

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College is more expensive than ever. Common solutions to saving money for college include sending high school graduates to less expensive, community colleges. Parents also enroll their kids in AP courses in high school, in hopes that passing the AP exam at the end of the year will exempt their child from having to take mandatory general education courses their freshman year, thereby saving a lot of money. Other students vie for competitive scholarships. However, unless grades are impeccable and extra-curricular activities are impressive and noteworthy, a good scholarship can be hard to come by.

The most overlooked way to save thousands of dollars in college tuition is the CLEP exam. CLEP, or College Level Examination Program, which allows your child to earn college credits by studying for and taking an exam that demonstrates their knowledge about any one of 34 different subjects. CLEP exams, which only cost around $70 to take, are actually less expensive to take than AP exam and don’t require high school students to enroll in the more vigorous and time-consuming AP courses. Parents will benefit the most from CLEP if they figure out an early course of action and plan accordingly. Some crucial questions parents should know about CLEP follow:

How Many CLEP Exams Can My Child Take?

Different colleges accept up to 3 to twelve credit hours for each exam taken. You must contact the college of your choice to see if there is a cap on how many credit hours can be transferred from the successful completion of a CLEP or an AP exam. Students serious about saving money with CLEP should apply to the colleges of their choice before deciding which and how many CLEP exams they will study for. Some students can save a year’s worth of tuition by utilizing CLEP. To find out which colleges give credit for CLEP, visit the above link.

What Classes Should my Child Take to Prepare for the CLEP exams?

The beauty of the CLEP exams is that your child doesn’t have to take specific classes in order to pass. Often, general knowledge gleaned from experience, reading, and mandatory high school classes is a good basis for passing the CLEP exams. However, be sure to study these tips to pass CLEP. It may be best for your child to study for exams that have content she feels most familiar with. If she ends up taking the CLEP exam before she knows what college she is attending, be sure to get a copy of the CLEP transcript form. You can request a transcript through or by calling 1-800-257-9558. Be sure to have your child’s social security number and test information on hand.

Navigating the CLEP Process with Outside Help

Students who plan to go on to college should have contact with their guidance counselors. Make sure the guidance counselor is informed of your desire to use CLEP to your child’s benefit. Your guidance counselor should help you find testing sites, plan a course of action, be in contact with potential colleges’ admissions counselors, and should help your child find study resources and facilitate communication with his teachers to help gain study support.

CLEP is a great way to ensure your child has a successful and affordable college career. Whether your child wishes to transfer to a local community college or wants to move to a large university in another state, CLEP will help make the transition a smooth one.

About the author: Students who must take an introductory psychology course as part of their undergraduate degree requirements may be interested in taking the CLEPtest instead of attending the actual course. College academic counselors can be excellent resources for students who are interested in learning how they, too, can use CLEP tests

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Parliament Tutors Ranked Best SAT Prep Company; Kaplan Takes Second Place

By Aaron Goldstein

 Parliament Tutors was recently named the best SAT Prep program in the nation by BestTestPrep.Blogspot .This comes just weeks after Parliament

College Planning

College Planning

Tutors revealed their custom-designed prep materials and diagnostic grading module.


While, the best test prep method is often diligent, independent study, new technology and advanced testing strategies have given students an upper-hand in standardized test-taking. Boutique private tutoring services are doing their best to compete with test-prep giants like Kaplan and Princeton Review that can afford luxuries like real ScanTron tests to grade students immediately after practice exams.

Parliament Tutors, a New York City-based private tutoring and test prep company, recently invested in state-of-the-art software to better diagnose students SAT strengths and weaknesses. “We want to be ahead of the SAT Prep curve,” explains Parliament Tutors President, David Greenberg. “We consider ourselves the most forward-thinking private-tutoring service in the nation. Our software engineers have developed a grading program to assess students’ strengths and weaknesses based on their correct and incorrect answers immediately upon submission. Our specialized math and verbal tutors are trained to respond to these evaluations.”

Last year over 1.5 million students took the SAT. As the importance of SAT scores in the college admissions process continues to grow, so does the demand for private tutoring and test-prep services. More and more students are applying to college today than ever before. “With fewer job opportunities, students that may not have considered school in the past are turning to secondary education as an alternative,” explains test-prep tutor and educator Uri Carni. “Never have we seen such a high number of standardized test-takers for secondary education.” Students have responded to this increased demand in education by stepping up their preparation strategies as college application season approaches. The SAT and ACT, complimented by SAT II Subject Tests and Advanced Placement (AP) Exams, may be the most important components in the college application process. The most important key for success is identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and building lessons accordingly to maximize your potential. Take as many practice tests as possible and focus on your areas that require extra attention and improvement.

“As important as these tests are, college admissions officers are putting increased emphasis on candidates’ profiles and less emphasis on their scores,” explains Lawrence Beer, Parliament Tutors California regional director. “Students are going to have to work hard to find and develop their niches to get admission officers’ attention today. A 700 around the board isn’t what it used to be. Schools want to see leadership, involvement, and expertise.” This education boom will precipitate an even more competitive college admissions process. Much more attention will be given to students personal statements. It is important to grab your readers’ attention from the outset of your essay. Anecdotal essays that can relate to everyone typically work best. Increased attention and focus is being given to subject tests and AP results, as well. These exams give students a chance to show off their abilities to complete college-level coursework and to demonstrate proficiency in a particular field. Choose only the most passionate and well-trained tutor when making your selection. See that their approaches make sense to you and that their teaching strategies work. Take advantage of every minute and never stop listening, learning and improving.

Parliament donates a percentage of its profits to sponsor free private tutoring sessions for students in need. “This campaign is special because is provides those in need with the same advantages as those who can afford first-class tutoring services,” explains Ari Smith, Parliament’s Cleveland regional director. “Students that can’t afford group courses, let alone a private SAT tutor, are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to competitive standardized-testing. I am proud to be a part of this effort and to give back to the community and provide these needy students with the same state-of-the-art software and top-notch tutors available to the wealthy.”

About the author: Aaron Goldstein is an NYU Graduate with degrees in accounting and finance. He is currently doing an education fellowship in the Middle East, while pursuing a masters in education.

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Are standardized Tests Monopolizing Real Learning and Education?

By David Greenberg

Is too much stress being put on students these days to perform well on the SAT and ACT? Are standardized tests monopolizing real learning and education?

Theoretically the answer is no; realistically, the answer is yes.

How are college admissions officials supposed to evaluate schools’ report cards? It would be impossible to accurately rate the difficulty of each schools curriculum and assess students’ grades accordingly. Colleges are forced to use a system that
measures students abilities on a single plane.

Standardized tests allow colleges to see how students fare relative to one another. Advanced Placement (AP) Tests and SAT II Subject Tests give students the opportunity to shine in their particular fields.

As the application process becomes increasingly competitive, admissions counselors are going to place more emphasis on candidates’ profiles and less emphasis on their test scores.

“Admissions counselors want to see a well-rounded, yet specialized individual,” explains Ari Smith, regional director of Parliament Tutors. “Great SAT scores are essential; however, science students should be sure to take and excel in the
standardized science exams. Math students should do the same with math, and so on and so on…”

Parliament Tutors is one of the nation’s fastest growing tutoring companies covering all subjects and levels from Kindergarten through the MCAT. They take pride in their state-of-the-art technology to better diagnose student strengths
and weaknesses in regard to the SAT.

More and more students are looking to third parties to get help preparing for the SAT and other standardized exams. Take advantage of all the resources around you and make sure to Practice, Practice, Practice.

About the author:
David is an NYU Graduate and a tutor for Parliament Tutors in New York City.

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