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Understanding College Rolling Admissions Policies

By John McDonald

Traditionally, most colleges have had specific deadline dates for admissions applications. Recently though, many schools have begun to accept applications on an open or rolling basis, and this can be confusing for students who are used to more concrete requirements.

the-college-prosBasically, a college utilizing rolling admissions will continue to accept applications for enrollment until space fills up in the class. The advantage is that they can continue to accept students later in to the year, but this doesn’t mean that you should still wait until the last minute to get your paperwork turned in.

While students can get accepted right up until registration for classes begins, there are still usually advantages to applying earlier. Many colleges provide institutional aid in the form of scholarships and grants, and these financial aid opportunities usually have a deadline date that comes long before the final day applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Federal financial aid is also distributed by the college or university, and those funds are typically exhausted in early spring.

If you know which college you would like to attend, it is a good idea to apply as early as possible – regardless of the stated deadlines or the possibility that your admission form will be considered later in the year. Of course, if your plans change at the last minute or you weren’t able to get accepted to a first choice school, you can still take advantage of rolling
admissions to get enrolled in another degree program.

About the author:
John is a writer and web publisher helping students find the right degree and money to pay for college. Education is more important than ever when it comes to employment and income, so consider a new degree today!

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Photography Schools – Which One To Choose?

By James Hunaban

There is a lot of choice when it comes to places where you can learn photography, but which would be the best for you? For sure there are plenty of online learning resources, but you will not get that practical experience you need. You will learn a lot more being with other students and a good teacher. Having said that, online information is good at getting the basics down, and is a good place to start.

What exactly you require from a photography class will help you decide which one to go for. For example, a college which is not just for photography will only offer basic levels. If you only intend taking up photography as a hobby then the basic levels of instruction will probably suffice.

If you really want to take your photography seriously you should go for a school or college which specializes in it. These specialized schools will probably employ a professional which should really help you learn the specifics and expand your know-how.

You must decide what it is you exactly want from your photography, once you have decided that you can choose your school or college and set about applying for a course. Do your online research and try to find any local courses or even courses further afield.

You may need to take specialized classes in basic disciplines such as lighting, composition and various other basic routines. Portrait photography, for example requires an understanding of light, angles, balances, and will teach you how to get the reactions you want from your subject. The digital photography world requires the understanding of several different techniques that were not required when using the older type of film camera.

As you get into it and really start learning all the ins and outs you may decide that you would like a career in photography. There is a lot of help both online and off-line if this is the path you choose.

One specialized area of photography is taking photographs under water. Most normal schools and colleges do not cater for this and you may have to do a bit of searching to find one which specializes in it. Underwater photography would make for a fascinating hobby or even better, a profession. To me, the underwater world is more interesting than the world above it.

About the author:
For an abundance of Digital SLR Camera user reviews please visit –

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Simple Guide For College Students

By Tom Tessin

the-college-prosCollege is one of the best actions that people can take in order improve the quality of their lives. By going to college people not only increase their earning potential and employment opportunities; they also learn how to become more productive members of our society. The process for turning college students into high quality citizens begins in school. Here is a simple guide for students so that they can get the most out of their experience.

Go to Your Classes

Students pay money to attend a university and this means that they should go to their classes. The college experience is ultimately about the education process over anything else. It’s through this education process that a student is being prepared for the profession that they want to be involved in. So the best thing that any student can do is to show up for their class, be on time, and make sure they absolutely learn something.

Pay your Tuition

You can’t go to school without paying your tuition, well if we don’t take scholarships and grants into consideration. Students who have to work to attend school should make it a point to pay for their expenses while attending. Again, this is because the education for your profession is the most important reason why you’re there.

Have a Social Life

Being social in college is okay as long as it doesn’t interfere with your education. Many people get sidetracked in college because they allow the other aspects of the college life to get in the way of their main purpose for being there. Have a social life in college because it’s a part of the process for you becoming a productive member of our society but don’t allow this social life to get out of control.

Stay out of Debt

Many college students have charge cards and loans that they blow on things they more than likely didn’t need. Spending extra tuition money on foolish pleasures or things is not the best thing to do. Don’t get it wrong, it’s okay to spend some of the money on getting some of the things you want, but remember that you’re going to have to pay that money back one day. Also, charge cards are a college student’s enemy. The laws are
changing because credit card debt is out of control in this country and one part of these changes has to do with college students and credit. The bottom line is students under the age of 21 won’t be able to get a credit card unless they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can pay it off or if they have parents who can.

There are plenty more areas that can be covered for this simple college guide for students but the main thing to remember is that college is about your education and that education is what you will need in order to help you make a better life for your family and yourself.

About the author:
Find great student articles like this, and more of Tom’s work all on his student blog.

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