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Preventing College Debt From Accumulating

By Devora Witts

the-college-prosOne of the biggest problems of college students and newly graduates is student debt. Since the aid that the government provides to help those in need go through college studies is not enough to cope with all the expenses, students resort to all kind of financial sources in order to raise the money that they need. Student debt accumulates rapidly and eventually, when the main part of the debt becomes due, the repayment installments are too onerous and sometimes absolutely unaffordable. That is why we suggest some measures to reduce if not avoid these results.

It is not possible in most cases not to resort to private institutions when you need financing for coping with college expenses. The government does not provide all the money needed and there are always additional expenses not contemplated in the federal student loan programs. However, it is possible to borrow smartly and to keep to a minimum the amount of money you need to borrow for getting by extra college expenses.

Loans Instead Of Credit Cards

A way to avoid additional debt during college periods is to avoid using credit cards for coping with additional expenses. It is sometimes better to budget what you will need and request a personal loan. That way a higher control over your expenses will assure that debt will not accumulate and you will get used to putting aside the money needed to pay for the loan’s installments every month.

Credit cards and the famous minimum payments can ruin people’s finances due to the lack of discipline. This is a considerable problem especially for college students which are not used to being careful with their spending habits. Minimum payments contribute to debt generation and accumulation due to interests. Personal loans on the other hand, have fixed payments (or with little variations) and fixed amounts. Thus, budgeting with these financial tools is significantly easier than with credit cards.

Shopping For Lenders, Taking Advantage Of Offers

From time to time there are wonderful offers from lending institutions that want to obtain customer fidelity offering 0% APR products or subsidized rates. It is a good idea to subscribe to as many newsletters as possible from different financial institutions so you can receive in your mail or email the current promotions. Remember though to examine the offers closely for any hidden fees or costs that some lenders like to conceal on the fine print.

Shopping for lenders is essential. You have to request quotes from as many lenders as possible before deciding for a specific one. Remember that financial products are just that, products. Thus, you can bargain with lenders as you can do so with a trader, merchant or retailer. It is a good idea to show them what other lenders are offering you and ask them if they can improve their offer. Rest assured that they will happily reduce the rate or exempt you from fees or costs in order to keep you as a client. Do not hesitate to negotiate with lenders; after all, you have nothing to lose.

About the author:
Devora Witts is a certified loan consultant who instructs people regarding Consolidation Bill and Bad Credit Fast Loans. To get aid with your financial
situation you can visit her at

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Choices: “College” Or “Entrepreneurship”?

By Antonio Newell

One of the most thought about choices, one of the least made decisions, the-college-prosbased on desire. I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying that “You have to get a college degree or you’ll be working at McDonald’s.” Or the infamous, “If you don’t want to be a Wal-Mart Door Greeter, you better go to college.”

There are more options in life than “college.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that college is the wrong way to go. What I’m saying is that you should not have your perception skewed by those allegations. “School” isn’t for everyone. It’s really not. I’m a strong believer in Knowledge and Learning. However, school may not be the place where it happens. “School” doesn’t teach you how to get ahead in this world. “School” doesn’t instruct you on how to become a millionaire. Let me retract that statement. “US School”s don’t teach you how to become a millionaire. I’ve attended different schools (mostly to see what they could teach me). And you know what? They all teach the same thing, the SAME thing. What’s the “thing,” you ask? You have to work FOR somebody.

America is known in other nations as the “Land of the Free” the “Land of Opportunity.” Other nations know that you can be any and whoever you want to be in America. But do “we” know it? Do WE know we can own our own business? Do we know we can be our own boss? We don’t have to work for a living but work for a giving?. .that we can be “Lenders” and not “Borrowers”? Most of us “U.S. Citizens” (Nationally Born) don’t realize it. Probably because we’ve heard it all our lives; now it just goes in one ear and out the other.

In schools in other nations, they’re taught to own their own businesses. That they can be their own bosses in America. But in OUR educational system, that’s not the case. We are taught to get out. .get a JOB. .and work for a living. “Going back to school” is being pressed more in the media today, than ever before. Why? Is it because people are sick of their jobs and want to do better? Is it because schools want to help you become a better person? I’m willing to bet everything I have that those aren’t the cases. “Education” is a multi-billion dollar industry. The schools know that people are sick and tired of their jobs, so they’re pushing “Go Back To School” in your face. (Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and the like either dropped out of college or never went, and look at where they’re positioned in the economy. If they would suddenly halt their businesses, the U.S.’s economy would probably go into a mudslide.) I’m pushing that you should “Work For Yourself!” Like I said, I’m big on Knowledge and Learning. . .but “school” may not be the place to do it, if you want to get ahead. Why do you think big name schools’ admission and board are so costly? Is it because they only want the most “prestigious”? Ha!

“College dropout.” What’s on their mind? Money loss. That’s it! The admission is set so high because they know that only the “best of the best” will come. And with that being said, there won’t be nearly the dropout rate; which also means, they’ll continue to get their money. $70,000/yr for the same education you would get at a State University or College for (1/16) of the cost. The teachers at those institutions don’t care more or less. They’re getting paid, and guess by whom. You! You’re
either paying an arm and a leg for the “do this to make sure you get The job.” Or you’re paying a little for the “here, now go get A job.”

At all the schools I’ve been, I’ve not seen more than 4-5 classes on owning a business. The last school I attended only had one, “Entrepreneurship.” I’m like, “What the heck?!” The educational system is just one big business. There was a school in Atlanta that has or was about to be closed because it couldn’t pay its water bill! You know why? No students, defaulting on loans and such. No students means no money. No money means no profit. No profit means no business. And guess what. No business means no school. Same education, different institution. It’s like buying bread at the grocery store. Same great bread brand, different prices.

I’ve found my institution though: Barnes & Noble and all other venues. You think I’m kidding? Go to one and visit the business section. See how much you can learn in just one day. So all in all, don’t think “college” is the only way to go. You can start your own business with ease. Heck, you can even start your own business while attending college. So when you graduate, you won’t be in some rundown apartment getting up at 5am to make it to work through crazy traffic. You’ll already be living well, and will have a “college degree” just to say, “I’ve been there, done that.” Invest in Yourself.

Copyright � 2009 Antonio Newell

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About the author:
I’m from Crystal Springs, Mississippi. . .recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. I’m on a life mission to help people realize their potential. I came from not having a lot to becoming an internet entrepreneur and musical artist/producer. No one can tell me “it can’t be done.” Because I’m living proof that it can be.

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Do I need a Mentoring program?

By Dustin Hubbard

Everyone does better if they have some type of mentor or mentoring program the-college-pros2available to utilize. The description of mentor can be a varied one. A mentor can come in the guise of a school teacher, or counselor. A mentor can be someone else you know that is proficient in your particular field of study or career. A mentor can even be part of a mentoring program that is formed by colleges and universities for their students.

In fact the business world has caught on to the potential of people who have been mentored and many public and private professional organizations as well as government agencies use mentoring programs to help their people personally and professionally. Today these services can be done person to person but often as not are initiated by phone or email or even webcam. Here are a few of the mentoring programs available in different fields but available to students nationwide:

The GEM-Nursing Program: This type program is sponsored by the Women’s Bureau of the U.S. Dept. of Labor and helps link high school children and college students nationwide aged 15-21 with mentors in the nursing fields. These mentors are able to meet and help their charges by email, websites and other special events. This would be a program for the child who knows they are interested in the Nursing Field for a career.

MentorNet: This is a mentoring program that is used by female college students that are studying engineering, science and mathematics. The students meet with mentors in their subject areas of interest usually over the internet by email.

Public Health Mentor Program: This is a mentoring program that tries to put about 100 students together with local professionals in the area that have the same career interest. The mentors give career advice to the students. It is sponsored by The University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health and is called the Public Health Mentor Program.

Minority Access to the Professions Scholars (MAPS) Program: This is called MAPS and is sponsored by the Office of Minority Student Affairs at Middlesex County College in New Jersey and is a program that brings minority students together with people from the professional world.

Anthropology Mentor Program: The National Association for the Practice of Anthropology is a program that is offered to help advanced graduate students in the field connect with professional anthropologists.

Potential graduate students also find it useful to utilize mentoring programs that are offered through their college or university. Universities and Colleges team up with quality mentors from inside the school and outside the school to help guide the graduate student on the right path that allows them to make the right career designs that help them get the job they have been dreaming about. Most of the outside mentors that colleges and universities utilize have the ability to continue helping the student even after their graduation. It is important to realize that a mentoring program can have tremendous benefit in a school setting or a business setting for the person that uses it.

About the author:
The mission of UGrowU is to be a one-stop solution for Entry Level Recruiting, internal employee growth, and expertise while establishing a professional growth network, and job opportunities for students and early career professionals. Visit

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