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Jobs for College grads in Today’s world

By Dustin Hubbard

Since you’re just graduating from college, and are probably looking for a job you might consider a public sector job like a teaching job. Particularly now that the Teach for America program is at full swing or maybe you would be interested in taking a job at the College Planning Specialists - the-college-pros8World Bank that gives networking opportunities although the pay is very low. Or perhaps you might consider a job with one of the government agencies like FEMA or the CIA or even the Treasury Department.

Of course, the quest for a job in today’s weak economy has many college grads stressing out. If this is your year to graduate from college you might instead be worried about what your future holds. In the outlook for tomorrow, the next couple of jobs are supposed to be in the top 10 for today’s college grad.

Network systems and Data communications Analyst: These jobs have just been updated in the top selling book of top jobs for graduates to the top of the list. The calculation for network and data communications analyst’s jobs is that they will be two of the most available jobs through 2016 with a high rate of pay.

Systems Analyst: Of course you have to study a specific area in computers for this job but those who do study this in college make an average starting salary of over $40,000. The estimate for Systems analysts is close to 35,000 new jobs will open in this sector yearly.

If you are one of the many graduates who just are not sure how to get started on the right career path, your college or university will usually have a career office that can help you plan for the future. You will also find outside companies that specialize in helping college student’s plan their school and career so that they are able get the job they want. They also help the college grad who continues onto further class work in graduate school. The help that is available better enables the student to see what careers might be available in their particular field of study or major. By starting the process early many students are able to save time and money by identifying the career path that is right for them without costly trial and error.

The process for possible career identification is to locate companies that have the same interests as the student and is in a city that is close to where they want to live and work. If there is a specific major the student wants to find jobs that will coincide with that specific industry or if there are certain work or certificate requirements for the student or firm they want to work for the student needs to take these into consideration.

Other great tools to help the college grad find a job are the career fair and the online resume. The job-fairs will be hosted by companies that are looking and recruiting to hire qualified students for positions in their companies. The job-fairs are held on campus at the various colleges and universities but are also hosted online via the internet.

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Are You A College Graduate Needing A Job?: Top 10 Cities To Find A Job In America

As a college graduate you are either buried in student loans waiting to be paid, you have lived a bare thread existence, or you are just ready to prosper after a long preparation period called your “whole life.” The following list was compiled from Hannah Clark’s beautiful article in “The Best Cities To Get A Job.”

The numbers represent a small part of why these cities are considered the top 10 cities for college graduates to find a job. Each city’s economy is outlined with new companies or industry highlights. In addition “affordability” ratings for housing (NAR calculator) and cost of goods (Cost of Living Index by should be areas that students investigate on their own.

Top 10 Cities To Get A Job

1. Washington D.C.: Unemployment rank: 4 and Job growth rank: 12

2. Phoenix, Ariz: Unemployment rank: 17 and Job growth rank: 8

3. Las Vegas, Nev: Unemployment rank: 12 and Job growth rank: 1

4. Orlando, Fla: Unemployment rank: 5 and Job growth rank : 6

5. Bethesda, Md: Unemployment rank: 2 and Job growth rank : 32

6. Richmond, Va: Unemployment rank: 6 and Job growth rank : 28

7. Raleigh, NC: Unemployment rank: 18 and Job growth rank: 22

8. Jacksonville, Fla: Unemployment rank: 13 and Job growth rank: 20

9. Oklahoma City, Okla: Unemployment rank: 21 and Job growth rank: 44

10. Virginia Beach, Va: Unemployment rank: 16 and Job growth rank: 25

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