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Before knowing Bay Area College Planning  Specialists, I was feeling very overwhelmed with the complexities surrounding college planning and the future of my girls. I was  stressed thinking about it and I didn’t know how to start the process. Anyway, I forgot how I got the initial contact info for their company, but I called Bay College Planners to take advantage of their free workshops and consultation.

And since I am a working mother, the more I realized it I needed their expertise.

I now consider Gerna and Dan to be like family members who care much about my children’s college education. They have provided guidance to my children as far as choosing the right university for their majors. They helped my girls apply for private scholarships and now both of them are attending Dominican University of San Rafael with generous scholarships and grants. 

I have been worry-free since I made them my partners in my girls’ future and college planning. Thank you guys and God bless.

Amor S, Martella and Mickaela – Pinole, California

December 2009 Free East Bay Area Workshops 

Alameda Free Library Workshop
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Alameda, CA 94501
Date: Tues Dec 8th
Time: 6:30pm-8pm

Redwood Christian High School Workshop
1000 Paseo Grande, 
San Lorenzo, CA 94580
Date: Tues Dec 8th
Time: 7pm-8:15pm

Webinar: “Learn the Insider Secrets to Get Free Financial Aid for College!”
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Date: Wed Dec 9th – Time: 6:30pm-8pm PST 

Moraga Library Workshop
1500 St. Mary’s Road,
Moraga, CA 94556
Date: Sat Dec 12th
Time: 11am-12pm

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Approval Requirements for Home Schooling

By Hong Kirby

Home-schoolersThere is more or less a general consensus on the inherent value of education. However, people may often disagree about the right method toward achieving that education. The majority of the population would rather opt for institutionalized formal education, referring to education offered in public or private education institutions like primary and secondary schools. However, as has been the recent trend, many parents in
particular have begun considering or even going on ahead with home schooling their children. Home schooling, prevalent prior the inception of formalized school systems, is making a return to the mainstream because some parents either do not approve of the curriculum of school systems or are even against the idea of formalized school systems, or find themselves holding greater capacity to educate their children in the best possible manner.

Perhaps you are interested in home schooling your child, and conceded, you have your own reasons for doing it. But just like picking a school for your child, the decision to home school is a very big one. This would most obviously translate to you taking your child out of a previous social learning environment and into the home to educate him or her; moreover this also means that from then on, you are going to be fully responsible for the intellectual rearing of your child.

It is perhaps for this reason that certain guidelines are set by the state or local education offices before you can actually home school your child. It is best to consider these guidelines first because your state can help you through the process, and moreover, may enlighten you on relevant issues on home schooling. I’ll expound further.

Majority of states in the United States would require a legal minimum of state notification of your intention to home school your child. In a rare few (including Texas, Alaska, Missouri, Illinois, and Oklahoma, among others), you may go on ahead with home schooling your child without informing the state.

Other states however, would require you first to notify the state and afterwards acquire your child’s grade records should he or she have attended a public school. After this, some states may require you to create a curriculum you intend to follow for your home schooling program, be accredited as a parent-teacher, and to host a home visit by your local education officials. Later on, during the period when your child is already being
home schooled, some states may require for you to submit to them evaluation scores, attendance records (states may require a minimum number of ‘school’ days for home school too) and even test scores.

It is very important for you to find out the different requirements for home schooling in your state. For one, it will help you make sure that once you home school your child, your child’s education is actually being recognized by the state. Without state approval, your home schooling may not be regarded, which may increase the difficulty for your child to move on to a university or college. Second, the state may provide you with
various forms and guidebooks as you home school your child. This assistance may prove valuable to you, especially if you are home schooling for the first time. Third, by finding out these requirements, you will be able to submit to the state all the required documents that you must submit periodically. In this way, you are also assured that your child is at par level with any other child enrolled in a regular school setting. In the
same manner, by approaching your local education authority you may actually inquire about the college application process of home schoolers.

Home schooled children may be required a marginal number of steps that regular applicants are not required to take in order to qualify for their chosen university. Some universities may require your child to take the G.E.D., an exam that will help test the sufficiency of their knowledge from home school to be considered as qualified college applicants, while others may require state accreditation. Moreover, by visiting your local education authority you will also find out the various state and local government scholarships for which your child may or may not qualify.

While home schooling may pose some added burden once you are ready to return your child to a regular school system, it has proven beneficial to many in the past. Visit your state or local government education office in order to make an educated decision, and in order to get the approval you’d need to push through with home schooling your child.

About the author:
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College Tours – Thinking About it Yet…..

Student Tours Offer Memories Too Be Made

By Tegan Dawn

questions-buttonOne of the most memorable times in a child’s life is going on adventures to different locations to learn and experience a new environment with their friends and classmates. If your school is planning for student tours throughout the year or a senior trip, professional assistance is probably not only necessary, but will be much appreciated by the students and the volunteers. If you know your budget and have a destination in mind but don’t know how to execute if from there, Peak Performance can take it from conception to completion.

Peak Performance has been providing professional assistance to schools, corporations and adults for tours since 1994 and has built a solid reputation on their quality of service and thoroughness. Knowing where to go for your student tour is only the beginning, planning what to do while you are there and where you are going to stay once you are there, as well as figuring out how you are going to get back and forth with your students and where everyone is going to eat their meals is overwhelming at best.

There are music and dance tours to major symphony halls and performance stages or even to nationally recognized Jazz clubs featuring Jazz bands, you can choose to see shows in concert halls, or visit museums and libraries, as well as tours that allow students to take part in clinics with professional musicians and college professors and participate in music and dance festivals worldwide.

Class tours can be taken all over America and even internationally, and you
will be provided with a tour coordinator that will make sure that your student tours are educational as well as fun and full of activities.. Your tour coordinator is there to act as your contact from beginning to end, and in some cases, if timing is right, your tour coordinator will also join the tour along with your class. Each tour has escorts to assist with all aspects of student travel, lodging, and transportation to help make the trip as stress free as possible. The professionals at Peak Performance know great planning is all in the details.

Student travel can be hard for their parents as well. That is why all  transportation that is required is done through reputable businesses for travel by air, land, or water. If travel is done by bus all motor coach operators must carry $5,000,000.00 in insurance, the driver has to have a CDL and medical certificates, and the company must have a program in place for driver drug and alcohol testing. Security at night is also supplied each and every night to make sure that the students on tour are safe in their rooms, allowing the chaperones a night of rest to be ready and alert for the following days activities. If you would like to find out more about Peak Performance and their tours, what they offer, and pricing, please call 800-220-0165 or visit to request more information.

About the author:
Hi I am Tegan Dawn and growing up I didn’t have the opportunity to travel like kids do today. If you are a teacher or administrator and you are planning this year’s upcoming student tours or student travel you should have a professional company handle all the details.

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