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How Single Moms Can Find Grants – Two Easy Steps

By Felicia Ramone

the-college-prosOne of the most ignored ways of finding a financial education is through grants. Grants are sums of money that are given by federal or private institutions to help individuals pay for a variety of things. One of the things that grants are used for is to pay for college. Single moms can have their entire college education paid for through federal grants. Here are two easy steps to do this.

Grants are not simply given to people because they request them or because they need them. People must qualify for them in order to receive this federal or private funding. It is applied for over the Internet or forms can be filled out and sent in by mail.

The grant process, one shoe have filled out and submitted to paperwork can take several weeks for the application to go through. Depending upon your financial situation, you may or may not be approved. If you’re in a financial bind, and you have very little money or assets, you may find that your application process is much more quickly.

The Obama administration has a two-step process for applying for  grants.

The first step is to fill out the FAFSA. This is the federal grant paperwork that you need to get your financial aid process going. This required paperwork is necessary in order to get you into the federal system that you can qualify for grants such as the Pell Grant.

The second step is to submit this paperwork as quickly as possible. Most people recommend submitting it by February 2 if you’re going to go to college in the fall of the same year. This gives the federal processors time to process your application and to make sure that you get the funding issue are entitled to.

Following these two steps, you will be able to move forward toward earning a college degree. Most students take out loans and end up paying them back nine months after leaving college. Many students, including single mothers can apply for the Pell Grant and receive thousands of extra dollars for their education. Do this today.

About the author:
Visit our sites for more information on finding free grants for students or obtaining financial aid and federal funding through the Obama administrations stimulus package.

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How to find single mother grants

By Stephen Cauldry

the-college-prosBeing a single mother often has its shares of worries, from your school, books, college tuition and other expenses that go along with college. One thing that can give you financial independence, or at least hints of it, is a single mother grant. Single mother grants, in this case a college grant, are money given to you by an organization or institution that will allow you to pay for educational tuition and expenses, and you don’t have to pay the money back to these organizations. Grants are not loans; it is an amount of money given to you for a specific purpose, like paying for college. Once the tuition and other expenses have been fully paid, you can use the money accordingly.

Taking out a student loan means having to pay it back someday; this means that throughout your college years until you graduate, six months later you will start paying bills towards your college education loan. This is not a good idea for single mothers. Getting single mother grants will enable you to pursue a better paying job after your academics without a slight worry of owing any money.

To apply for a grant, it’s best to consult with your financial aid office and talk with the financial aid officer, or you can go online and find out what single mother grants are available. Your financial aid will talk to you about local single mother grants which help you pay your way through college. Special admissions requirements may be needed for each grant. Federally sponsored grants require you to have low income or that you are unemployed. The good thing is, the grant will be adjusted according to your economic need. Other grants will be given to you according to which state you’’re residing in, and you have to meet certain academic and financial guidelines. You have to prove to them that you have a good grade point average and you will finish school in time. Remember that searching for a grant online, it’s a mistake to choose a company which asks for money upfront. The main purpose of a grant is to give you money, not
take it away from you. The resources they use are the same resources that you can locate using the proper and right search words when it comes to finding grants. Don’t look at the first or second web pages you see listed on any grant or scholarship
offered. Go past the popular hits and find obscure grants that people haven’t applied for. You can also find specific grants for ethnic background, sexual orientation and / or religious affiliations. There are even grants given for political affiliations.

Single moms are given leeway in the application process. There are a lot of single mother grants, from the numerous single parent grants available, giving you that additional bonus in your application process when you are a single mom. You are a
female and the gender itself will allow you more accommodations for grants and scholarships. Apply for as many grants as you can, because even though you may not be approved for one, you still have a lot of options to back you up financially.

About the author:
Education is everything when it comes to securing your future financially, especially your children’s future. To know more about government grants for single mothers, click on and know the latest and detailed information on getting grants for single mothers.

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