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UCLA Cooperative Institutional Research Program: “Freshman Show a Dependency On Parents When Making College-Related Decisions”

According to the UCLA newsroom portal: the CIRP Freshman Survey, part of the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) and administered by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, report “suggests freshmen show a dependency on parents when making college-related decisions.”

* 84 percent of freshman charcterized their parents participation as the “right amount” in their decision to go to college

* 80.5 percent characterized their parents participation as the “right amount” in their decision to attend the instituion at which they enrolled

* 77.5 percent of incoming freshman felt their parents participated “the right amount” in dealing with college officials

The importance of parental involvement in whether to attend college, which college to choose, and how to deal with college officials can not be underestimated in the overall success of a young student. Kids need parental guidance and involvement to ensure their successful transition in this most critical time in their young lives.

Simply put: Be there for your students when they need you the most!

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